About us

Infiniti Stockholm is produced by Amiral tobacco AB. We have our own modern production facility located in the southern part of Stockholm. Conny Andersson works as our product developer, through his solid experience we ensure a high and good quality.

Nicotine pouches are a tobacco-free and smokeless nicotine product. This beginners guide on how to use nicotine pouches will help you decide if they are right for you, and how to use them. Nicotine pouches are often used as a safer alternative to cigarettes (studies/research is available – please thoroughly research this option), a more convenient and discreet way to consume nicotine, or as an aid to quitting tobacco products for good and avoiding nicotine withdrawal! Nicotine pouches use a plant-based material to replace the tobacco and often have flavourings and sweeteners.

How do I use a nicotine pouch?

Before placing the pouch in your mouth you should make sure you have clean hands (especially during the covid-19 pandemic).

Take a pouch from the tin, place it under the top lip (between the lip and gum), to the side of your front teeth. The nicotine is absorbed through your gum.

How long will each nicotine pouch last?

Each nicotine pouch will last for around 60 minutes, it will depend on the brand, the flavour, and your personal preference how long you keep each pouch in your mouth. 

The flavour may alter and the nicotine ‘buzz’ will fade the longer you use each pouch. 

You may feel a slight burning, tingling, or warm sensation and this is due to the nicotine being absorbed.

Nicotine pouches to suit all tastes

Have you tried INFINITI? Our all white nicotine pouches come in different flavors and are always 100% tobacco free. What do you choose – the more traditional flavors or dare you try new innovations from us today.

Does not discolor teeth.

For all of us who don’t like it when nicotine pouches run, raise a hand! The white nicotine pouches are for you. They have low dripping and another good thing – they don’t discolor your teeth.